Friday, August 04, 2006


04 August 2006

A huntsman has been found guilty of breaking anti-hunting laws by signalling foxhounds to chase foxes.

Tony Wright, 52, had denied breaching the Hunting Act 2004, while leading the Exmoor Foxhounds on April 29 last year.

He was fined £500 at Barnstaple Magistrates' Court on Friday, following a week-long trial.

The Exmoor Foxhounds claimed that they had been operating under an exempt hunting provision included in the Hunting Act. The exemption says that hounds should be kept under sufficiently close control so that the fox can be shot as soon as possible after being flushed out.

It is still legal to exercise hounds, chase a scent trail and flush out foxes.
However, the League Against Cruel Sports, said that the Foxhounds were in breach of the Act because of a prolonged period of chase of a fox on two occasions during the exercise.

Mr Hunt said that he did not believe that he had done anything illegal. He said that it would appeal against the decision and called the Hunting Act "stupid and pointless".

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